2017-2018 Rules Interpretation Meeting - Rescheduled


Good afternoon coaches and officials,

It looks like mother nature is going to be out in full force this Wednesday!
Our Rules Interpretation meeting will reschedule to:
Wed Feb. 28th at 6pm at Colonie Central High School 
(room will be announced prior to meeting)


Scrimmage Guidelines


Please adhere to these NYSPHSAA Scrimmage Guidelines….any deviation could result in your scrimmage being considered a game.


We are only allowed 16 games at the JV and Varsity Levels so if your scrimmage does not follow the rules below your scrimmage may be considered a game…and you would be over the 16 game limit and your entire season will end immediately.


Scrimmages:  A lacrosse  scrimmage  must have  modified  time  periods and  include

one or more of the following:

  1. Alternate possessions
  2. Start the scrimmage with either a Draw (girls) or a Face-off (boys)
  3. Include the following game situations:
    1. Face-off/Draws – Boys/Girls
    2. Clears and Rides – Boys/Girls
    3. Extra Man and Man-Down– Boys/Girls
    4. Fast Breaks – Boys/Girls

South Glens Falls - JV Girls Lacrosse

SOUTH GLENS FALLS IS LOOKING FOR JV GIRLS LACROSSE GAMES. Any schools interested should contact the Athletic Director: Nick McPartland
 at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.