Girls Volleyball

Hadley Luzerne - JV & Varsity Girls Volleyball

Hadley Luzerne Central School is looking to add more games to our schedule
for this upcoming (2013-2014) season.
Please contact Kristin Saheim if you have available non league games or
tournaments to compete in.
You can contact me at

Albany Leadership - Girls Volleyball

If you have any room in your JV volleyball schedules, we’d be happy to play!  Please let me know at your earliest convenience.
Thank you,

Loudonville Christian - Girls Volleyball & Boys Varsity Soccer

Loudonville Christian School is looking for 4 more varsity volleyball games for this fall.  We are also looking for a few more varsity boys soccer games as well.
Please contact Bruce Camilleri @ or call at 518-434-6051 ext. 334.

Troy - Girls Volleyball.2013

Troy HS is looking for Non-League matches in girls volleyball for the 2013 season.  If interested, please contact Paul Reinisch at the Troy Athletic Office 328-5407.

Waterford-Halfmoon - Modified & JV Girls Volleyball

Waterford-Halfmoon is looking for modified and JV volleyball games for the fall. If you are interested in scheduling at game, please contact me at (518) 237-0800 ex 1209 or


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